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Nutmeg, by Jackie Crofts & James F. Wright, is a comic about crime, baking, and growing up.

When two suburban junior high girls, Poppy Pepper and Cassia Caraway, through a twist of fate, prank a pompous rival they find themselves building a criminal empire with their irresistible brownies. Walking a line between Mean Girls meets Breaking Bad, this is a book primarily aimed at readers aged 11 and up. The full series is planned at 15 issues, and is currently being published through Action Lab Entertainment. There are now two trade paperback collections — Early Fall: Taste Buddies (issues 1-3) and Late Fall: Brownie Points (issues 4-6) — which are available in comic shops everywhere, as well as on Amazon, and digitally via Comixology. The 7th issue of the series will be in stores this March. You can follow series developments and the like on Twitter (@nutmegcomic).

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Jackie and James Team Nutmeg Selfie

Jackie Crofts and James F. Wright are the creators of Nutmeg.

Jackie is an illustrator residing in Indianapolis. In addition to comic illustration, doing art for games is her second passion (next to gardening!). You can see more of her work at

James is a writer and lifelong comic fan living in Los Angeles. When he’s not writing comics, he’s at the movies or eating ramen, burgers, or boysenberry pie. You can follow his inane postings at